Industry 4.0

OMBF technology offers the operator a fully automated and interconnected production. The customers that decide to equip their companies with oenological machines of this type will find in OMBF an ideal partner with whom to develop this type of project with a personalized approach.

OMBF offers:
  • Technical and commercial support for the whole development of a 4.0 project
  • Technical support for the interconnection of the computer systems of the factory
  • Support for the management of procedures and documentations
  • Supply of machines with electrical systems and machine management appropriate for the parameters of the "INDUSTRY 4.0" plan.
  • Control through PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) with simple and user-friendly man-machine interface (touch screen)
  • Monitoring of the operation status of the machine and alarm notification
  • Interconnection with other machines of the production cycle
  • Possibility of remote control of the production process by means of the corporate network