Rotary disgorging/dosing machine - DVDR

The DVDR rotary machine of the winemaking range is designed for the production of champagne and sparkling wine obtained following the Traditional Method/Méthode Champenoise.


Disgorgement, ejection of solid deposit of yeasts and some wine from the bottle, dosage of the “liqueur d’expédition”, topping up. The machine processes glass bottles submitted to neck freezing.

  • Capacity: from 2,000 b/h to 3,000 b/h depending on the configuration
  • Type of bottle: glass – diameter from ø 70 to 115 mm and height from 240 to 375 mm – other sizes on request
  • Air supply pressure: 6 bar
  • Main power supply: 380V 50Hz 3-phase – other voltages to order
  • Auxiliary circuit power supply: 24V 50Hz

The DVDR rotary machine is designed for bottling companies requiring production volumes up to 3,000 bottles/hour*.  (*the actual production volume of this automatic machine strongly depends on the characteristics of the wine and the quantity of liqueur). In order to reach high production volumes, the machine is equipped with two turrets.

The DVDR model offers an effective solution to those who must complete the processing of bottle-fermented drinks, such as sparkling wines, champagne, and cider after the riddling.
The machine consists of a base equipped with the necessary units for productions according to traditional methods:

BOTTLE INFEED: conveyor star spacing the bottles at the inlet of the machine.

AUTOMATIC DISGORGEMENT TURRET: consisting of mechanical arms handling the bottles from the neck and angling them by 60°. Each arm is equipped with its cap remover and support for the body of the bottle. The ejection of the deposit is facilitated through the Venturi system.

TRANSFER TO THE SECOND TURRET: equipped with a mechanical control device monitoring the presence of crown cap and bidule (PVC-free virgin polyethylene stopper perfectly adhering to the neck of the bottle to ensure tightness)

OUTPOUR/EJECTION OF DEPOSIT/DOSING/TOPPING UP: the extraction valves work using inert gas while the grippers keep the bottles upright. The dosing valves are equipped with degassing valve. The dosing unit is adjustable for the injection into the bottle of the quantity of “liqueur d’expédition” desired (from 0 to 6cl); adjustable dosing speed; device ensuring the perfect dosing of the liqueur.
The topping up is obtained by counter-pressure or gravity with the bottle maintained in upright position by handling the bottle neck. The wine used for the final topping up is contained in a tank located in the upper part of the machine.
This tank at its turn is supplied from an intermediate tank that collects the wine coming from the first stage of the disgorging. The intermediate tank can be supplied also by emptying open bottles.

OPERATOR PANEL: allows the automatic adjustment of the height of the disgorging turret by recalling the format of the bottle to be processed; it also allows regulating the working times completely. The machine is equipped with an auxiliary control for the manual operation of the machine during the maintenance.

All components of our machines are designed to be easily accessible and inspectable to facilitate their cleaning and maintenance thus ensuring a long life.
Like all OMBF machines, this model is entirely manufactured of stainless steel, food quality plastic materials, and steel alloys, in compliance with the regulations in force concerning the “Materials and Articles in contact with Food”, MOCA: EC 1935/2004 Regulation.

The machine conforms to the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

OMBF, a mechanical engineering company operating in the oenological sector, has always focused on offering customized machinery. To do so we equip our standard machines with suitable accessories or even examine with the customer the feasibility of expressly designed machines able to meet the specific requirements of any production line of the beverage and wine sector.

The teams of OMBF technical and trade departments are available to offer the customer an effective solution.

  • 1 set of size parts for one format of glass bottles only. Further formats offered on request.
  • 1 operating and maintenance manual.
  • Safety guards in compliance with the EC Regulations.
  • Box with wrenches for rapid interventions.
  • Certification of conformity to the EC Regulations.
  • Tunnel for the rinsing of the bottle neck
  • Automatic regulation of the dosing volume through touchscreen panel


  • Machine controlled through PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), simple and user-friendly man-machine interface with the possibility of remote control of the production process through the customer’s company network.


  • Manufactured in conformity with the UL/CSA standards for the US and Canadian markets.

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