Table top Semiautomatic Capsuling Machine - THECA-MA

The THECA-MA benchtop semiautomatic capsuling machine of the oenological range is designed for the application of champagne foils through pneumatic head.


Capsuling of glass bottles with champagne foils.

  • Output: 150 b/h
  • Type of bottle: glass - diameter from ø 55 to 115 mm and height from 190 to 375 mm – other sizes by request
  • Type of caps: Champagne foils
  • Air supply pressure: 6 bar
  • Air consumption at 6 Bar: 0.1 L/Sec
  • Weight of the machine: 20 Kg

The THECA-MA bench capsuling machine is designed for small bottling enterprises that need production capacities up to 150 bottles/hour. (* The actual production capacity of a semiautomatic machine depends on the skills of the operator using it).

The machine consists of a table top support bearing the 2 bells with compressed air operation for the pleating and crimping of the champagne foil on the bottle. The champagne foils are distributed on the bottle manually.
This capsuling machine is an effective solution for those who need to apply champagne foils on glass bottles filled with products such as sparkling wine, sparkling wine, champagne, prosecco, cider, and kombucha.

All components of our machines are designed to be easily accessible and inspectable to facilitate their cleaning and maintenance thus ensuring a long life.
Like all OMBF machines, this model is manufactured entirely of stainless steel, food graded plastic material, and steel alloys, in compliance with the regulations in force.

The machine conforms to Machinery Directive 2006/42 CE.

OMBF, a mechanical engineering company operating in the oenological sector, has always focused on offering customized machinery. To do so we equip our standard machines with suitable accessories or even examine with the customer the feasibility of expressly designed machines able to meet the specific requirements of any production line of the beverage and wine sector.

The teams of OMBF technical and trade departments are available to offer the customer an effective option.

  • 1 set of size parts for a single format of glass bottle. Further formats on demand.
  • 1 operation and maintenance manual
  • Safety guards in compliance with EC regulations.
  • Box with set of wrenches for rapid intervention.
  • Certification of conformity to the CE regulations.

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