OMBF 2.0

An ever more innovating, dynamic and interactive showcase in line with the guideline of the company, this is the new, the completely renovated web-site of the company of Canelli. 

A new layout, to allow easy reading and research of the contents that include news, products,  corporate profile, advertorial, pictures, and videos. 

A new, cool and spacious graphic interface, even if with the usual elegant simplicity. 

The portal is enriched with new sections; in fact a page is devoted to our customers to highlight the worldwide presence of OMBF plants as well as the loyalty of renowned Italian companies. A wide section is describes the technical features of the Enological machines, the core business of the company, and is constantly updated with new products. 

Thanks to this restyling the site offers various versions, besides Italian, English, and French, now also the Spanish version is available to confirm the special attention given to the markets of South America and Spain. 

The renovated web site is part of a wider communication strategy– also with a constant presence in the Social Networks – decided by OMBF to strengthen its identity and visibility through the most important media.